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  • Reality Check We are happy to let you know if your existing quotes are realistic or not - FREE OF CHARGE!
  • Due Diligence We can carry out full due diligence on your supplier/developer to ensure you pick the right partner.
  • Digital Consultancy We can help you through the whole process if you require with our consultancy services.
  • Full Project Development We can also develop your project for you in association with our development partners.

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Over 20 years experience in the games industry, 19 as Producer / Project Manager / Development Director.


Managed large projects of 100+ people. Worked on franchises such as Harry Potter and Formula One.


Worked with worldwide clients and published games across North America, Europe and Asia (incl.China).


Allow us to help fix your broken project, get it back on track and ensure delivery and quality.


With our development partners, we can provide a full design, dev and publishing service.


Enjoy constant communication wherever you are. Work with us and enjoy a complete lack of BS!

Previous Projects

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Lol works well with clients and colleagues and provides inventive ideas at every stage of the development process. Lol has great depth of experience and a fantastic knowledge of the games industry, I would recommend his services with great enthusiasm.

Michael Romilly, Waracle Ltd


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Why Gamify?

We've done it all before and we've been doing it for 20 years in the games industry. We also pride ourselves on being completely honest with you with no marketing or sales nonsense. If we can't help we will tell you, if we make a mistake we will tell you, if you make a mistake we will tell you! Trust our experience and expertise to ensure your project goes the way YOU want it to.


I don't need help!!!

Fantastic! We still happy to shoot the breeze with you over a coffee at some point.


What are your costs?

To be honest, that completely depends on the project, the requirements, the complexity and a host of other things. However we can promise you two things; firstly we are (based on recent experience) well under half the cost of what you will have been quoted down in London and secondly, we will give you a cost to complete the project to your satisfaction rather than a cost to secure the project. Be careful of this little trick that a fair few in this industry are pulling at the moment!


Where are you based?

We are based in Dundee, Scotland which is a hotbed of amazing gaming talent coming straight out of local universities and institutions. We are 30 minutes drive from wonderful golf, marvellous walking, superby skiing and fantastic views. Makes you wonder how we manage to find time to do any work at all! :)


What have you done in the past?

As a Producer working for Psygnosis, Sony and Electronic Arts, I have personally worked on projects such as Formula One, Harry Potter, Medal of Honor and Colony Wars. I have managed project teams as large of 100 internal people and 50 people overseas and recently helped a local studio build a games team and deliver a social charity game for a major environmental trust.


What about current projects?

Currently, I am project managing a number of EU funded projects across multiple countries. Gamify are also proud to be supporters of the Erasmus+ project, Work Based Learning.


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